Mapping & Site Analysis

Good design requires accurate and detailed site information. Utilizing the latest in mapping technologies, BDA provides the fine-grained understanding of a site that is the foundation for successful planning and design, from ALTA surveys to site evaluations to multidisciplinary resource inventories.

ALTA Surveying

Required by lenders on major projects, BDA has years of experience producing ALTA surveys, in conjunction with our associate Stephen Hein of California Survey, which satisfy stringent lender requirements, and also provide the precise site information which is essential in our design work.

Site Mapping

Capturing the essence and nuance of a complex site in two dimensional paper space is no small task, yet good design depends on it. Through accurate mapping of a site we begin to know it, to recognize its most significant features and understand how they relate. BDA combines a grasp of contemporary mapping technology with a knowledge of the land gained from years of experience.

Resource Inventories

With staff expertise across a wide range of disciplines, and associations with a broad field of resource professionals, BDA is able to capture the depth of site data required to provide effective and defensible design solutions, sufficient to satisfy the demands of clients and regulatory agencies alike.

Site Evaluations

What is the highest and best use of a piece of land?  From aging multi-family developments to pristine landscapes, BDA has the ability to clearly evaluate a project site and to articulate a vision for its future.