Project Representation

The key to a project’s success is good communication.  BDA’s extensive experience working with neighborhood-based organizations and civic entities provides the ability to successfully manage outreach campaigns and build understanding and support for projects among a wide range of stakeholders and interest groups.  We believe in the value of outreach, in contacting stakeholders early and involving them throughout the design process.  We do not believe that the input of our project’s neighbors, regulators and interest groups should necessarily be an obstruction to our design efforts, but instead can provide information and insights which can help us create a better project.  Like it or not, these neighbors, regulators and interest groups will be our partners throughout a project’s design and development — good communication is essential to keeping us all on the same team.  Two of our projects, both of which had the potential to be controversial but ended up receiving a gratifying amount of neighborhood support and unanimous approvals from the local decision-makers, are The Village at South Auburn and Iris Lane.